Feedback management

Ask questions to get answers.

Gateway Communications conducts surveys for customer experience, employee engagement and market research. Our online surveying tool helps you to engage, collect and analysis insightful employee and customer feedback.

Our feedback management system also extends itself to data dashboards and analysis. Giving you an optimal view on all feedback responses.



Whatsapp business

Engage more with your customers through our ​WhatsApp Business solution.

WhatsApp Business messaging can take your communications to a whole new level of engagement with private, real-time B2C conversations on the world’s preferred messaging app, WhatsApp.


whatsapp business

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS offers you a simple tool for sending anything from a few hundred to thousands of SMS at once.

Gateway Communications offers a Bulk SMS tool that facilitates scheduled or instantly sent out messages to recipient databases.
This service is great for individuals and business to generate broadcasts for weekly or monthly sales, reminders, upcoming events, new stock, and birthday wishes.

Send instant messages anytime, anywhere.

bulk sms

sms competiton lines

Engage consumers while growing a lead generation database.

Gateway Communications offers a SMS short code services that invites your business customers to enter SMS competitions via a short 5-6 digit number and keyword.
With a quick and simple setup of the line your business can run multiple SMS competitions to increase your customer engagement while promoting sales.

sms competitions
USSD Lines

Interact cost effectively with your business customers. 

Gateway Communications offer USSD lines that allow your business to engage with consumers through rewards and vouchers, market research and customer updates. These lines are globally compatible, interactive, instant and require no data for the consumer. 

ussd SMS competition

Bulk Emailing

Just like our Bulk SMS service, Gateway Communications also provide a Bulk emailing solution for your convenience.

Be it a weekly or monthly newsletter, a reminder for an upcoming event, a birthday email, prescheduling messages about upcoming sales or a general email, with our advanced emailing program, you can send out emails instantly with a few clicks of a button.

bulk emailing

COntact management

Access and store all your business membership data in one place.

Gateway Communications offer an online management program to capture, organize, and protect data. With features such as Bulk emailing and SMS services to broadcast newsletters, weekly updates, reminders and upcoming events. Customize your communications with engagement links, RSVP buttons and payment options.

services contact management

social media management

Social media has become one of the biggest advertising platforms, with hundreds of logins daily to sites like Instagram and Facebook, gain greater brand exposure with the help of our social media, account management services.

Gateway Communications offer start up pages for all platforms of social media according to your company needs as well as maintenance and management on all social media platforms.

services social media management

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, well known as internet based marketing, lends itself to boost your brand via multiple digital platforms.

Gateway Communications offer digital marketing services in website development, maintenance and SEO tracking, graphic creations, online newsletters and the linking digital platforms together

services digital marketing